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For more than 100 years the name “Sachsenküchen” has stood for high quality and drawn from life kitchen furniture. Already in 1908 we began manufacturing furniture. Since the 1930’s the company expanded to one of the most important manufacturers of kitchen cabinets.

Tradition and passion

For more than 100 years the traditional company Sachsenküchen has been building premium kitchens from wood, a natural and renewable material. Deeply rooted craftsmanship, sophisticated products of high quality and elaborate ideas are at the heart of our creative work. We are driven by a passion that constantly motivates us to make things even better. Having originated in a charming natural setting close to Dresden, our company has grown over the years to meet the diverse needs of customers in Germany and other countries. Careful craftsmanship plays a crucial role, as does an evolutionary approach that accommodates the spirit of the times. Achieving this delicate balance requires cutting-edge technology, an attention to function, innovative design and a great passion for materials. Even more important are the small details that transform a kitchen into an authentic and unique living space.
View the range in full at www.sachsendkuchen.de


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